Wish List for Five Bridges

Wish List for Five Bridges

While we are attempting to find grant and other funding sources to complete the Five Bridges Trail, we realize that there are many things that we (with help from volunteers) can do to that will allow us to stretch the dollars that we do receive.  We’ve created a “Wish List” of materials and services that we’re hoping people might be able to donate.  We are an IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) charity and as such donations made to us can be tax deductible.

Volunteers – Over the years our group has dwindled and we have a very small number of active members who can get out and work on the trail.  If you’d like to become a member or volunteer to help with the trail, please contact us.

Excavating – The trail passes through areas where hills were cut away so that the railroad bed would be gently sloped.  Over the years debris has accumulated in the ditches along these areas and they are now blocked, forcing water onto the trail.  Thanks to the generosity of Apple Tractor we have been able to address the worst of these areas but there are many more sections that need work.  An excavator could clean out the ditches to prevent further trail damage and install new culverts.

Grading – After the tracks were removed there was rough with a berm of material left on the sides which has interfered with proper drainage.  In addition heavy use by ATV’s has caused ruts and uneven areas.  A motor grader could correct these problems and if a roller was available to pack ballast chunks into the sub-base, we would have a trail surface which, while not “ideal”, could be used until a final surface was put down.

Welding – In order to keep motorized vehicles off the trail, we need to build and install 10 gates.  Pipe to make these gates has been donated and we are making the prototype of our gate.  Once we have a working version of the gate, it would be great if a shop was able to take our pipes and other parts and weld them into gates!      If you would like to volunteer to work on the trail, donate materials or have equipment we may use please contact us.