Clarion-Little Toby Trail

Clarion-Little Toby Trail

This scenic trail meanders along the Clarion River and Little Toby Creek on the former Ridgway and Clearfield branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad.  There are two main trailheads in Ridgway and Brockway.

The Clarion-Little Toby trail meanders along the wild and scenic Clarion River and Little Toby Creek.  The first few miles of the Ridgway section contain lofty shale formations and waterfalls among great  stands of  Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron. Wetlands and wildflowers abound, and visitors often spy deer, otters, raccoons, hawks, turtles and scampering chipmunks. Bring a camera! Both waterways are popular trout streams.  Use caution with snakes if seen crossing the trail. Bring bug spray for gnats and mosquitoes in wet areas. Most of this trail is on Game Commission land. Trail users are requested to wear orange during  hunting seasons. The trail is open year round for non-motorized use (motorized wheelchairs are allowed) . Biking, hiking and cross-country skiing are all popular! The surface consists of well-packed fine gravel and is flat with the exception of one short hill near Ridgway .

Rich in human history, you may also spot remnants of the lumber heritage period in the 1800's when the woods resounded with the sounds of axes and cross-cut saws felling the tall timber, and the rivers were clogged with rafts speeding wood products towards Pittsburgh. A number of interpretative displays have photos from that period. One of the most popular spots is the "Swinging Bridge" which swings over the Little Toby just off the trail  in the mid-section. 

The trail begins at mile zero in the town of Ridgway. Turn onto Water St. from Main St. There is limited parking at the entrance. Users can also park in rear of Ace Hardware lot. The trail ends at mile 18 in Brockway. The Brockway Trailhead is on 7th Avenue, off Main Street / Route 28. There is limited parking at the trailhead, but you can also park in the High School sports lot. Both trail heads  have a covered pavilion for picnics.

Trail Notes: From the Ridgway trailhead (mile 0) the trail follows the Clarion River for 8 miles. At mile 2.6 the trail runs along State Route 949 for 800 feet. At mile 6 the trail runs alongside the active tracks of the Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railway for 1.8 miles. Please stay off the tracks!  The trail then turns left and runs along Little Toby Creek.

*** Electric assist bikes (E-bikes) are NOT allowed on State Gamelands, which is most of the trail. 

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Trail Rules

  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited  (exhibit wheelchairs).

  • Horses are prohibited.

  • Pets must be on a short leash.

  • Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited.

  • Keep to the right side of the trail, pass on the left after warning those ahead of you.

  • Camping or camp fires are prohibited, except in designated areas.

  • Respect landowner privacy – stay on the trail.

  • Stay off the train tracks in the ‘rails with trail’ section.

  • Don’t disturb or harass wildlife.

  • Please don’t litter: Pack it in – Pack it out


Ridgway Trailhead
Swinging Bridge
Brockway Trailhead

The well known Blue Rock Swinging Bridge is located off the trail at mile 12.2. The bridge was built by volunteers from “Friends of the Toby” and the Future Farmers of America. Please use caution on the bridge and cross at your own risk.