About Us

Our mission is to build and maintain recreational rail-trails in Elk, Jefferson, and Clearfield counties, and to protect the natural and historical resources long these beautiful corridors.

The Tricounty Rails to Trails Association was founded in 1992 by two pioneers of rail-trail development in our western Pennsylvania region, George Miller from Brockway and Dave Love from Ridgway. These two men sparked the idea of transforming an 18-mile railroad right of way that traversed Elk and Jefferson Counties into the beautiful Clarion-Little Toby Rail Trail,  a lovely riverside corridor that was completed in 2003.

We are also working on a new project, the Five Bridges Trail, that starts just outside of Brockway, and heads south towards Brookville. A delightful wetlands trail brimming with wildlife, this trail has the potential of connecting to the Redbank Valley Trails, and on to Pittsburgh!



George Miller,
George Miller, Co-Founder, Brockway
Dave Love pic
Dave Love, Co-Founder, Ridgway